Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hallmark Valentine's commercial

Hey, see that card the girl is holding?
Guess what? I designed it, yep-sure did.
It'll be in a Hallmark commercial airing Jan 29-30 and Feb. 2-14.

My art and design was in a "live" season premiere episode of "ER" once, too. That was many moon ago-but thrilling as well. That one was a drawing tablet I designed (Landoll Publishing). It had the Animaniacs on one episode then they used a Bugs Bunny one for the west coast performance/airing.


Lori Andrews said...

How exciting, love your illustrations!

Dave said...

Thanks-I'm glad you like 'em. And thanks for stopping by. I like it when people write a note. I'm always curious how many people see this blog.

Thanks again-