Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Long story short-I was eating lunch in the Warner Bros. commissary in 1997. In walks and is seated next to me, Chuck Jones. If that wasn't enough, while he was there with his daughter Linda, his recently Awarded Lifetime Achievement Oscar was delivered to him-officially. Charles Carney (Senior editor at WB) asked if I'd like to meet him. Well of course. We met-Mr. Jones asked if I would like to hold the award (of course-and almost dropped it). Things settled down and I was joking with the waiter if I should take his chair, or fork, or napkin after he leaves. Well-the waiter obsconded with his napkin (after I went outside) and gave it to me-complete with stain (raspberry torte).

So then I got home from that trip and I sent him a note:

"Dear Mr. Jones,
I find it only fair that since I have a napkin of yours I return to you one of mine."

I sent this note written on a paper towel.

Mr. Chuck Jones replied with this drawing on his studio's letterhead.

But my real joy is knowing that I think I made Chuck Jones smile, perhaps even a giggle.
Much like he had done for me throughout my childhood.

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Cedric said...

That's a neat story!

Did I ever tell you about the time I met Glen Keane in a restroom and swiped his hand towel?